Laney RB

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About Laney RB

The Laney RB bass amp line has received high praise from many due its versatility, features, and sound. In a solid state bass combo format the RB bass line features 4 models ranging from 15 Watts to 165 Watts. Features include an on-board compressor, a di socket, mini jack, headphone socket, 3 band EQ and more. With enough volume for home use or small gigs the Laney RB bass amp is great for any player looking for a small, affordable, and great sounding package.

Why Should I Choose Laney RB?

  • Built in compressor
  • Laney are known for high quality tone
  • Reliable solid state design

Frequently Asked Questions about Laney RB

Question: Is the Laney RB series any good?
Yes with a range of great features it is great for both home use and loud enough for small gigs.
Question: How many watts is the Laney RB4?
The Laney Rb4 is 165 Watts.