Gamechanger Audio Pedals

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About Gamechanger Audio Pedals

Gamechanger Audio Pedals are brought to life by a team of people who love creating unusual and boundary-pushing effects. They are based in Latvia and make high-quality pedals for a wide range of musicians. Included in their range is their first offering, the Plus Pedal, which is an excellent choice for those seeking a smooth sustain sound. Other popular pedals such as the Third Man Records Plasma Coil gives life to a high voltage distortion used by Jack White. If you like to discover new sounds and stand out from the crowd then Gamechanger Audio pedals are a top choice.

Why Should I Choose a Gamechanger Audio Pedal?

  • An excellent selection of unconventional pedals
  • Made to very high standards
  • Used by a wide range of musicians such as Jack White

Frequently Asked Questions about Gamechanger Audio Pedals

Question: Are Gamechanger Audio pedals any good?
Yes, Gamechanger Audio pedals are incredibly good. Not only do they produce exciting new designs but they are made to go the distance.
Question: What are Gamechanger Audio pedals good for?
Gamechanger Audio pedals are good for a wide range of styles. With each of their pedals being so unique, it is easy to find one that will set you apart from the crowd. We recommend the Third Man Records Plasma Coil for those looking to produce a high voltage distortion.