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About Keyboard & Piano Pedals

Keyboard and piano pedals are more than an accessory - they are an essential part of the instrument itself.

Many players get by on a simple single sustain or ‘damper’ pedal, allowing them to play lush legato melodies and chords. More complex sustain pedals enable players to use ‘half-pedalling’ and ‘release and catch’ techniques. On traditional acoustic pianos there are three pedals and many classical pieces require the use of all three. The other two pedals are the ‘soft’ pedal, referred to in classical notation as ‘Una Corda’, and the Sostenuto.

We at guitarguitar stock keyboard and piano pedals from all the major brands including Roland, Yamaha, Nord and Casio.

Why Should I Choose a Keyboard or Piano Pedal?

  • Much more expressive
  • Essential for many classical and pop pieces
  • Closer to the feel of a real acoustic piano

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyboard & Piano Pedals

Question: Do I need a pedal for a keyboard?
While you don’t have to use a pedal with a keyboard, you can be much more expressive if you do. Classical pieces often require the use of all three pedals and most pop songs require at least a sustain pedal.
Question: Are all keyboard sustain pedals the same?
No, not all keyboard sustain pedals are the same; they can differ in polarity. This means that using the wrong sustain pedal with your keyboard may have the opposite effect and switch all sustain off when you use it. It is best to use a sustain pedal made by the same manufacturer just to be certain.
Question: What are the 3 pedals on a piano used for?
The three pedals on a piano are the sustain pedal, the soft pedal and the Sostenuto pedal. The right hand pedal is the sustain pedal which elongates each note and gives the piece a dreamy, atmospheric quality. The left pedal is the soft pedal which reduces the sustain and volume of each note creating a soft, intimate sound. The third pedal is the Sostenuto pedal which is similar to the sustain pedal but only works on the note playing while it was depressed. This means you can sustain selected notes, while other notes remain unaffected.
Question: Why does my piano only have 2 pedals?
Most pianos have three pedals but some only come with two. In these cases, there will be a sustain pedal and a soft pedal but no Sostenuto pedal. The reason for this is that the Sostenuto pedal is the least frequently used pedal. Losing this can keep the price down on a piano without sacrificing too much playability.