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About Eventide Pedals

Eventide pedals bring a huge amount of processing power to your feet. Every Eventide pedal contains advanced processing algorithms to let you put some real fireworks into your sound.

Eventide guitar pedals include Reverb, Delay, Modulation and multi-effect pedals. This is in addition to the famous Harmonizer effects.

The brand became famous in the mid 70s for their extremely powerful rack mounted 'Harmonizer' modules. These game-changing pieces of technology were beyond the means of most musicians.

Nowadays, this power is available in pedal-sized enclosures. Eventide's digital pedals boast the same levels of quality as their studio units. These devices make sounds that are impossible elsewhere.

As a major authorised UK Eventide dealer, we have the complete range of pedals available to browse online and try in store. If you want something truly different, check this brand out as soon as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eventide Pedals

Question: What is an Eventide Harmonizer?
The original Harmonizer, the model H910, was the world's first digital effects processor. It was a pitch shifter that used, for its time, unheard of amounts of processing to achieve smooth and high quality pitch effects. These effects were as useful as a utility as they were for producing wild, unnatural sounds never before heard. The Eventide PitchFactor pedal puts much of this power right at your feet alongside some other effects. The potential for outlandish sonics is massive.