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About Ormsby Guitars

Ormsby guitars are a bold and outrageous guitar brand from Australia. Their guitars have very unusual body shapes and loud finishes. Technical players love Ormsby because of the fan-fretted multi-scale design. They are a company who seem happy to offer a genuine alternative to the norm. Ormsby make 6, 7 and 8 string guitars.

We are a major UK distributor of Ormsby guitars. Please check online for current stock. These guitars arrive in limited batches and never stick around for long!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ormsby Guitars

Question: Why are Ormsby guitars in such short supply?
Ormsby makes their GTR guitars in short 'runs'. Their online community of players and fans (and us!) votes on details including hardware and colours. After this has been decided, pre-orders open (for dealers like us) and the guitars are then made in World Music Instruments' factory in Korea. When these runs sell out, the run is complete and the process begins again! This ensures that there are always fresh designs around. It also makes the company far more efficient, meaning the guitars are more affordable.
Question: Who designs Ormsby guitars?
Ormsby guitars are designed by company leader Jerry Ormsby. This includes both custom guitars and GTR production models. The GTR models, made in Korea, have specs chosen by Ormsby's online community. These guitars are inspected at the factory by Perry and QC'd by the team in Australia.
Question: Where are Ormsby guitars made?
Ormsby's custom shop guitars are made in Australia. All of their GTR models are made in World Music Instruments in Korea.
Question: What kind of neck join do Ormsby guitars have?
It actually depends on the particular design. SX and Hype models have a set neck construction whilst most others, such as the TX and so on, have bolted necks.