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About HoTone Pedals

HoTone Pedals offer guitarists a wealth of great tones at an affordable price. From full amp modellers and multi effects units to tiny pedals such as the Hotone Krush pedal, there is something for everyone! HoTone guitar pedals routinely punch above their price bracket delivering fantastic tones, in compact packages like the Ampero. The Ampero offers over 400 effects, and 87 Amp models along with 60 cabinet models and 100 pedal models making it a true 'rig in a box' solution for guitarists. HoTone effects pedals are often chosen by guitarists due to their compact size and excellent sound at their price range. If you're looking for a quick addition to your pedal board or are looking to create a gigging board that can handle everything including your amp sound, HoTone has something for you.

Why Should I Choose a HoTone Pedal?

  • Great tone
  • Affordable price
  • Compact size

Frequently Asked Questions about HoTone Pedals

Question: Are HoTone pedals any good?
Yes, HoTone pedals offer great tones at affordable prices!
Question: Where are HoTone pedals made?
HoTone pedals are made in China.
Question: Which artists use a HoTone pedal?
Artists such as Cory Wong, Larry Mitchell, and Solea use HoTone pedals.