Fender Precision Bass

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About Fender Precision Bass

The Fender Precision bass, or Fender P-Bass as it is often affectionately known, is possibly the most recorded bass guitar in the history of music. This is the original and best. Like other Fender models from the 50s and early 60s, its design was so perfect from day one that it has hardly changed since.

The P-bass is a simple design, featuring a substantial Maple neck and a solid body holding a single split-coil pickup which acts as a humbucker. This is the blueprint upon which all other bass guitars have since based themselves. It has remained extremely popular.

Fender offer the Precision bass in many ranges from both the USA and Mexico as well as in Squier models from the Far East. The diverse Mexican ranges include the Deluxe Active model and the 50s Classic. The US Fenders include great P-basses in the American Original, American Pro and American Elite ranges. Incredible Fender Custom Shop Precision basses are also available, both as Team Built and Master Built instruments.

A number of special Artist model P-basses join the lineup too, each with features relative to that particular player. You can find Signature Precision basses for Ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters, Iron Maiden's Steve Harris and Green Day's Mike Dirnt among other top ranking players.

We fully understand the importance of the Fender Precision bass. We have a fantastic selection of these marvelous instruments available to admire and try out in each of our stores.

What Makes the Fender Precision Bass Different?

  • The world's first electric bass guitar
  • Has been used on more recordings than any other bass guitar, ever!
  • Has been played by countless legends including Roger Waters, Sting, Steve Harris, Duff McKagan and John Entwistle
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Precision Bass

    The Precision Bass got its name because Fender were originally marketing towards double bass players. The Precision bass had frets, which of course the double bass does not, meaning this new instrument could be played with more precision!
    The Fender Precision bass has a famous, characteristically mighty sound. It is warm and powerful, rich in low end and has a strong midrange. It is noticeably darker sounding than a Jazz bass and sits incredibly well in the background of a mix, helping a song's low end sound immense.
    That pickup is referred to as a split-coil pickup and made its debut on the Precision bass back in 1957 when the whole design of the instrument was given an overhaul. It is a humbucking pickup design and is a key ingredient in the signature sound of the P-bass, which is known to be large and expansive.