Fender Player Precision Bass

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About Fender Player Precision Bass

The Fender Player Precision Bass replaces the Mexican Standard series model and is updated with some great new features and beautiful finishes to make this most famous of bass guitars shine brighter than ever.

Fender have wisely kept the styling as traditional as possible, with a body shape that is closer to the fifties original than ever before. The classic P-Bass layout of a single split-coil humbucking pickup (upgraded to a new Player Series Alnico 5 model), a solid bridge and a fresh 'Modern C' neck carve make this Precision bass truly a player's instrument.

A wide range of stunning finishes are available: choose from Buttercream, Sonic Red, Tidepool and Sage Green Metallic alongside long-time favourites including 3 Colour Sunburst and Black. Try one today at one of our well stocked UK showrooms or order online!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Player Precision Bass

Pau Ferro is a hard tonewood used in fingerboards. Otherwise known as 'Bolivian Rosewood', Pau Ferro is very similar to Rosewood and is now used in its place by many guitar manufacturers since Rosewood became a protected species as part of CITES. Fender have actually used Pau Ferro for a while. The fingerboard on the Steve Ray Vaughan signature Strat has always been made from Pau Ferro, for example.
Yes it is! Although it doesn't resemble a typical humbucking pickup, the Fender Player split coil bass does work in the same way as a humbucker so you will get a thick, powerful sound with very little background hum.