Sandberg Bass Guitars

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About Sandberg Bass Guitars

Sandberg bass guitars are a boutique brand from Germany. They specialize in making classic looking basses with unusual finishes. Sandberg use original shapes such as the 'Basic' as well as models like the 'California' and the 'Electra'. These are influenced by classic fifties designs, updated and re-spec'd for modern players.

Sandberg are experts in making distressed finishes and many of their basses have this type of treatment. They are often noted for how good looking their musical instruments are. This is in addition to their professional feel and powerful bass sound.

At guitarguitar, we have been fans of Sandberg basses for years. These basses are some of the best available anywhere. We like to keep a very large offering available at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sandberg Bass Guitars

Question: Which is the best selling Sandberg bass?
The Sandberg Electra II VS4 in Black is our best selling Sandberg bass. It is excellent to play and is very good value for money.
Question: What scale length do Sandberg use?
Sandberg actually tend to use two main scale lengths. They often use 34" which is the standard (or 'long') scale length. They also make lots of models with a 35" scale. This extra inch is useful for giving the bass a tighter feel. Different players prefer different scale lengths so having both available is excellent.
Question: Where are Sandberg basses made?
Sandberg's high end basses are made entirely in Braunshchweig, Germany. More affordable models such as the Electra series basses have parts made in Korea before being assembled in Germany.
Question: Which famous players use Sandberg?
Sandberg basses are played by Oliver Reidel (Rammstein), Chris Childs (Thunder) and Ida Neilsen (Prince).