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About Brian May Guitars

Brian May guitars offer a great way for fans of May's wonderful playing and sound to get a little closer to the magic. The Red Special is the main focus of Brian May guitars. This is Brian's own iconic guitar, famously made by him and his father out of an old mantelpiece! These replicas are accurate and highly playable takes on Brian's legendary axe. They feature special touches such as the multiple switches and shorter scale length that make Brian's guitar unique.

Over the years, there have been several production versions of May's guitar. But this is the first time he has taken control of the design and production himself. These guitars are closer than anything that has come before in capturing the unique feel, sound and spirit of Brian's Red Special.

As well as the Red Special itself, Brian May guitars offer a range of similar instruments with different finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brian May Guitars

Question: Why is the Red Special's body chambered?
The obvious reason for the chambered body is to relieve some weight from the instrument but there is another reason...the young Brian May actually wanted to encourage feedback from the guitar! Apparently he was inspired by footage of Jeff Beck on TV moving around on stage to get some good harmonic feedback and felt that a semi-hollow guitar would vibrate and sing more. The Red Special certainly sings and this may be one of the secrets!
Question: What scale length is the Red Special?
The Red Special has a scale length of 24" and an Ebony fingerboard with 24 frets.
Question: Where are Brian May guitars made?
Brian May guitars are made in Korea.