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About Acoustic Guitar Strings

Acoustic guitar strings are an important consideration for all guitarists playing acoustic guitars. Perhaps more so than with electrics, the material used in making acoustic strings affects the resulting tone. Acoustic strings are generally made from bronze or phosphor bronze, the latter generally giving a warmer sound compared with the brightness of bronze. Acoustic strings tend to be heavier than electric equivalents and most string packs range from .010 - .047 for the lighter gauge and .013 - .056 for the heaviest set.

We offer strings in all standard gauges by Elixir, D'Addario, Martin, Ernie Ball and Dunlop. Some custom gauges are available from Elixir too.We also offer several types of coated strings from many of the main manufacturers. Coated strings retain their brightness for a longer period of time and just last longer in general. Our staff are always on hand online and in our stores to help, guide and advise with queries you may have about strings or anything else guitar related!

Frequently Asked Questions about Acoustic Guitar Strings

Not really, it's much more about what you'd like to play on in terms of string gauge. Having said that, it is true that heavier strings will make the guitar's body resonate more and therefore hopefully sound better but this is largely subjective. By the same token, using gauge 10 acoustic strings on a Jumbo bodied guitar is perhaps not going to get the most from that large body but it really is personal choice at the end of the day.
Companies including Elixir and Ernie Ball offer 'coated strings'. These are guitar strings that are made in the usual manner and then covered with a thin synthetic skin which keeps oil and moisture from gathering in the coils and corroding the metal. This technology does make coated strings more expensive but the upshot is that they last for a particularly long time and retain their bright, clear tone for far longer than uncoated strings.
Generally speaking, gauge 12 strings are thought of as standard gauge for acoustic guitars. That does not mean that this is what you need to stick to - lots of guitarists prefer lighter and heavier gauges. Gauge 12 strings are what most acoustic guitars ship with and are a happy medium. They are a good starting point.