Gibson Acoustic Guitar Strings

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About Gibson Acoustic Guitar Strings

Gibson Acoustic Guitar Strings are designed and signed off on by expert luthiers at the Gibson factory. The Gibson Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings are designed to give great warmth while also retaining a superb clarity. These guitar strings come in a variety of well thought out balanced gauges so they work well with any acoustic guitar and deliver a balanced dynamic response.

Gibson coated phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings also feature a very thin coating to help extend their lifespan and keep you sounding your best for longer. Gibson acoustic guitar strings are made in the USA and are the first choice for all Gibson acoustic guitars.


Why Should I Choose Gibson Acoustic Guitar Strings?

  • Designed and approved by Gibson's top luthiers
  • Offer great clarity and warmth
  • Thin coating to extend string life
  • Variety of gauges for a balanced tone with all styles

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Acoustic Guitar Strings

Question: Are Gibson acoustic guitar strings good?
Yes, Gibson acoustic guitar strings are very good as they are developed and approved by Expert Gibson luthiers.
Question: What strings do Gibson acoustics use?
Gibson acoustics use Gibson's own acoustic strings.
Question: Where are Gibson acoustic guitar strings made?
Gibson acoustic guitar strings are made in the USA to a very high standard.