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About Gibson

Gibson is one of the world's most famous guitar brands. For over 100 years, this American titan of a company have defined and influenced the world of guitars like no other business before or since. Gibson have produced some of the most iconic electric and acoustic guitars in history. To own a genuine Gibson USA guitar is a special moment in the life of every guitarist.

Their most famous creation is undoubtedly the Les Paul, one of perhaps the three most recognisable electric guitars ever. Available since 1952, the Gibson Les Paul is a Rock icon as much as it is a game-changing guitar design. Rare vintage models of this guitar dating from the 1958-60 period can demand unbelievably high prices at auction, such is the reputation of these almost mystical instruments.

Other Gibson guitar designs are almost as famous. The SG, Explorer, Flying V and ES-335 are some of the best loved and most sought after instruments out there. The same is true of Gibson's head-turning acoustic guitars. Their SJ-200 and Hummingbird designs in particular are legendary. Gibson are a brand with heritage, prestige and history, factors that all play a part in the desirability of their instruments.

A proudly American company, Gibson make all of their guitars in the US, in either Nashville, Memphis or Montana, depending on the model. This has been the case ever since Orville Gibson first began his Gibson Guitar Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan back in 1902. Today the headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Nashville premises houses the Gibson Custom Shop where, for well over two decades, Gibson artisans have been painstakingly creating the most detailed and well-crafted Gibson guitars that have ever existed. These instruments are the best of the best and, as not only one of the UK's biggest authorised Gibson dealers but THE biggest UK authorised Gibson Custom Shop dealer, we have an absolutely exceptional selection of these wonderful instruments available to try and buy. Come and see our collection at your local guitarguitar store or browse our impressive collection right here online and have your ultimate dream Gibson guitar delivered to you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson

All of them! Gibson's designs have been copied by endless manufacturers in the decades since they've been released but Gibson were the first on the block to create guitars including the Les Paul, SG, FLying V and Explorer. These are all extremely iconic guitars and are responsible for most of the 'shape' guitars that followed. Gibson are the original.
They do! Gibson make a wide range of humbuckers, P90s and other pickup types. In fact, Gibson humbuckers such as the '57 Classic' are among the most revered in the market. The fabled 'PAF' tone that almost every guitarist loves refers to mid-to-late 50s Gibson humbuckers. This means that Gibson pickups are the blueprint for some of the finest pickups available. We sell a range of Gibson humbuckers as separate products for after-market retro-fitting to your guitar. These can be found in the 'Accesories' section of the website's top bar.
Materials differ on ocassion from model to model but the majority of solid body Gibson guitars are made from Mahogany. This is both for the necks and the bodies and contributes in a large way to why Gibsons sound the way they do. Hollow and semi-hollow Gibsons are generally made from layered Maple with solid Maple centre blocks where appropriate for the model.
It is difficult to say for sure but a number of sources, including certain articles published by Gibson themselves, indicate that the biggest selling Gibson electric guitar is the SG Standard.