Gibson Flying V

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About Gibson Flying V

The Gibson Flying V is a rock star's guitar if ever there was one! Since 1958 when the Flying V was released alongside sister model the Explorer, it has been adopted by a long run of exhibitionistic guitarists: Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Schenker have all pledged allegiance to the bold design and thick tone of the V.

Similar to the Explorer in terms of construction, the Flying V's body and neck are made from solid Mahogany and the neck is glued in rather than a bolted or through body style. Two humbuckers, a hard tail bridge and three control knobs (the V has a master tone) matched with a 3 way selector switch give you everything you need to play chunky rhythms and screaming leads. Bold to the point of excessive when it was released, the Flying V is looked on now as a classic heritage design and fits right in with Gibson's other 'shape' guitars.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Flying V

Question: What finishes is the Gibson Flying V available in?
Currently, the only standard finish available for the Flying V is Aged Cherry with a white pickguard.
Question: Will the Gibson Flying V fit on a guitar stand?
Yes, despite its unusual shape, the Gibson Flying V fits fine on most guitar stands, partly due to its symmetrical design. Wall hangers are not a problem either. One thing to note though (and this applies to not only Flying Vs but all Gibsons and any other guitar with a nitrocellulose finish) is this: certain plastics used in the making of some guitar stands can damage the finish by 'eating away' at the nitro and leaving marks. Avoid this happening by doing a little research into your choice of stand. At guitarguitar we offer stands by Hercules because we know that they will not affect a nitrocellulose finish in any way.
Question: Can the Gibson Flying V be played sitting down?
Technically yes but it isn't easy! If you want to play a Gibson Flying V sitting down (but why would you?), try a quasi-classical stance by having the V-shape split over your right leg, allowing you to play the guitar at a diagonal angle.