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Public Address systems and the art of sound reinforcement play a key role at live music, theatre, cinema and sporting events. With the end goal of amplifying a subject with an even distribution of sound throughout a space or venue, PA Systems can consist of many items including speakers, mixing desks, microphones, DI boxes and stands. PA systems can be tailored to suit both your needs and the requirements of your venue.

Visit our dedicated PA showrooms in Glasgow, Birmingham and Epsom to see and hear our extensive range of PA equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about PA Equipment

While it's hard to say who is best, some of the brands offering the longest speaker warranties are DB Technologies (5 years), QSC (6 years) and Yamaha (up to 7 years). These all sound equally excellent to our ears. Pay us a visit and hear for yourself.
Depending on the size of the venues they're playing, a lot of solo performers use portable PA systems. A good example of these is the Bose L1 Compact, which has inputs for both your microphone and guitar, and is both easily portable and loud enough to perform in a small venue.