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About Wampler Pedals

Wampler pedals achieve exceptional quality tones, particularly in the low gain overdrive area. They are used by many influential artists.

Every Wampler pedal is hand made in the USA using the best quality components. In addition to drive pedals, the brand offers some top quality reverbs, echoes and other effects.

Wampler pedals come in several sizes from compact mini units to large enclosures with two footswitches. All are made with sturdy metal housing for a long professional life.

As a major authorised UK Wampler dealer, we have the best selection of their pedals available anywhere. Come and visit us to try one out or browse the full collection online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wampler Pedals

Question: Why are Wampler so famous?
Well, they are fantastic sounding pedals, so that's the main reason! But also, they were one of the first companies to successfully recreate 'mythical' amp tones like those of the Dumble Overdrive in a pedal form. Lots of other companies now do this but Wampler got there first!
Question: I'm looking for a good natural overdrive pedal. Which Wampler models should I be checking out?
The most popular one seems to be the Tumnus Deluxe. This is Wampler's take of the Klon Centaur, a much mythologized overdrive. The Wampler Pantheon is another great choice for tone aficionados.