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About Wampler Pedals

Wampler Pedals are one of the forerunners of the burgeoning boutique pedal scene in America. They are particularly well known for their drive pedals although they make a wide variety of modulations, delays and reverbs. These are all handmade in California.

Wampler pedals reproduce long discontinued or hard-to-find pedal and amp tones. Their most popular pedal is the Tumnus, a slightly modernised take on the near-mythical Klon Centaur in a tiny, pedalboard-friendly format. Their ‘amp-in-a-box’ series includes the Plexi Drive and Paisley Drive, ideal for accessing a range of amp sounds without having a range of amps!

What makes Wampler pedals different?

  • Handmade boutique pedals
  • Modern spins on mythical circuits
  • Robust, durable designs - perfect for the stage!
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Wampler Pedals

    Question: What is the best Wampler pedal?
    Wampler are most popular for their drive pedals; particularly the Tumnus and the Plexi Drive. The Tumnus is a modern spin on the near-mythical Klon Centaur and the Plexi Drive is an ‘amp in a box’ that replicates the sound of old Marshall amps. Their Ego compressor pedal is one of the most popular compressor pedals on the market.
    Question: Where are Wampler Pedals made?
    Wampler pedals are manufactured in California, USA. The are made by Boutique Amp Distribution who also make Friedman and Bogner pedals.