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Wampler Ethereal Delay and Reverb


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What we say:

At A Glance:

As the name suggests, the Wampler Ethereal is an expansive and inspirational Reverb and Delay aimed that those among us who yearn for huge soundscapes and the dream like wash that only comes from the combination of these 2 effects. Whether it be on guitar, synthesizers or even vocals the Ethereal is here to take you to the other side.

Features We Love:

Ease of use!

No PHD required here to operate this angelic green machine! Simple controls to tweak the amount of desired reverb or delay and with the 2 dedicated mix knobs you can bring up or down each to get that perfect wall of sound Kevin Shields would be proud of!

2 delays?!

The Wampler Ethereal actually has 2 delays: one constantly pulses like a heartbeat in quarter notes and the other on top can be set in a selection of timings accessed by the handy button right on the face of the pedal!

Happy Trails!

On the side of the sturdy green chassis is a ‘Trails’ button. When engaged the effect continues on after the pedal is switched off or depress and the cavernous tone fog will dissipate instantly and sharp when you click the foot switch. A deal breaker feature for me!


  • Simple functionality that pays off with big beautiful cascading results.
  • Secret 2 delay only adds to the thickness or your new built wall of sound.
  • A world of dream like almost pad style noise that has multiple applications.

What's Included:

  • Wampler Ethereal Delay and Reverb


How do you describe a pedal like the Wampler Ethereal? Does ambient heaven cover it? Is it the gateway between real life and the astral plane? Or is it just gorgeous? It’s hard to know which phrase to use when talking about it, because they all match it perfectly… plus, of course, so easy to use you’ll be getting those perfectly Ethereal tones instantly.

When designing the Ethereal these were the EXACT thoughts running through the mind of Brian Wampler. He wanted to make a delay that is as pure as you could want, with a time of up to 1s, a reverb that is thick and then have the option to mix them all up and put them together in one glorious effect that will send you away… all the way away while making it as easy to use and easy to find those perfect tones as possible.

Oh, and did we tell you – it’s been a bit of a secret, there isn’t one delay lurking within the Ethereal, there are two! The first delay constantly sits there like a heartbeat, coming back at you at quarter notes, we then layer another over the top – that one can be put into a triplet pattern, or a dotted 8th (so you can get that beautiful quarter + dotted 8th mix) and even a self-oscillating dotted eighth pattern that just takes you away and leads you over the edge and down the rabbit hole into perfect ambience… Things can get a little crazy when that one is selected, so you know, knock yourself out – it’s there to make some incredibly strange yet beautiful sounds… See that little switch down there? Yep, that’s the one, just to the right of the stomp - that’s a trails button. When this is used the delay patterns and reverbs sing out after the pedal has been deactivated, so you can even control what you want to come back at you.

While you are enjoying the delay patterns, sitting underneath is that beautifully cavernous plate style reverb that is alive with character and shape, that can be brought in to exactly the right level (whether that be under your guitar, the same level - unity, or even considerably louder) to compliment the delay.

As you can imagine, this has been some feat of engineering (definitely worth waiting for) as we wanted all this to happen from a regular sized box, with the purity of tone and response you would expect from a Wampler. So, as with our other time pedals, we split the signal going in, the effected signal is then laid back on top of the original base tone, making sure that YOUR guitar sounds exactly how it does going in.

The Wampler Ethereal. Not only can it be used a stand alone reverb or delay pedal, it can be combined for you to worship, to get lost in, to even help you inspect your shoes… but most of all, it was designed to inspire.

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 5/5 (1 reviews)

Real quality. Amazing pedal.

Andrew J. - 17/5/2019