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About Rickenbacker Bass Guitars

The Rickenbacker Bass is a true original. First introduced in the 1950s, they provide a sound that no other bass can. Rich, thick and full of character, these basses sound as good as they look. They are hand made in Santa Ana, California, with every one produced to an extremely high standard.

Models include the 4003, which is perhaps the best known. It has become an alternative icon with lots of counter-culture and post-punk bands choosing to use it. Bands such as Rush, Motörhead, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath have all made use of Rickenbacker Basses to help create their iconic sound.

These basses feature a number of classic colours and some are available in both 4 and 5 string versions. No matter whether you play Prog, Rock, Punk or Pop, they are well worth your time and consideration.

What Makes The Rickenbacker Bass Different?

  • A distinctive shape with loads of style
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Have been used by countless musicians for decades
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Rickenbacker Bass Guitars

    Question: Which guitarguitar stores keep stock of Rickenbacker basses?
    We keep stock of Rickenbacker basses in each one of our UK based guitarguitar stores! Stock will definitely vary from store to store though, as will availability. This is simply due to the nature of Rickenbacker and the limited numbers they ship with each delivery. On our website, every individual guitar has information about its location: just click through and have a look on the right hand side. You can also ask the staff at your local guitarguitar store about availability and forthcoming stock.
    Question: Do Rickenbacker basses have single coil pickups or humbuckers?
    Rickenbacker actually make basses with both. The 4003 and its variants typically have a pair of single coils whilst the 4004 models tend to have humbuckers.
    Question: Apart from the 4003, what other Rickenbacker bass models are there?
    There are three main models: the 4001, 4003 and 4004. They all share the same silhouette but are otherwise stylistically different. The 4001 most closely resembles the 4003 but has no binding and dot inlays. The 4004 is stripped back further and offers a more streamlined appearance as well as a choice of interesting finishes.
    Question: Who plays Rickenbacker bass guitars?
    Famous Rickenbacker bassists include Chris Squire, Lemmy, Geddy Lee and Geezer Butler among many others!
    Question: Which Rickenbacker bass is the most popular?
    The most popular Rickenbacker bass is easily the 4003 in Jetglo, otherwise known as Black.