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About Rickenbacker Bass Guitars

The Rickenbacker Bass is a true original. First introduced in the 1950s, they provide a sound that no other bass can. Rich, thick and full of character, these basses sound as good as they look. They are hand made in Santa Ana, California, with every one produced to an extremely high standard.

Models include the 4003, which is perhaps the best known. It has become an alternative icon with lots of counter-culture and post-punk bands choosing to use it. Bands such as Rush, Motörhead, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath with artists such as George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Tom Petty all making use of Rickenbacker Basses to help create their iconic sound.

Rickenbacker bass guitars feature a number of classic colours and some are available in both 4 and 5 string versions. No matter whether you play Prog, Rock, Punk or Pop, Rickenbacker guitars are well worth your time and consideration.

What Makes a Rickenbacker Bass Guitar Different?

  • A distinctive shape with loads of style
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Have been used by countless musicians for decades

Frequently Asked Questions about Rickenbacker Bass Guitars

Question: Where are Rickenbacker basses made?
Rickenbacker basses are made in Santa Ana, California.
Question: Does a Rickenbacker make a 5 string bass
Yes! After years of public demand, Rickenbacker have introduced a 5 string 4003.
Question: What happened to Paul McCartney's Rickenbacker bass?
He still has it! However, it hasn’t been sighted much since the Wings era so it's probably gathering dust under his bed. McCartney famously painted his 4001 to fit in with the psychedelic visuals of The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour film. A couple of years later he decided they had had enough of psychedelia so sent it back to Rickenbacker for them to take the finish back to the natural wood.
Question: What are the bridge pickups on a Rickenbacker bass guitar?
You'll often find either single coil pickups or 2x Rickenbacker Vintage pickups on Rickenbacker guitars.