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About Friedman Guitars

Friedman guitars are a fantastic extension of Friedman amps, one of the world's premier boutique amplifier brands. Dave Friedman has collaborated with none other than Grover Jackson to develop a very desirable line of solid body guitars with lots of rock 'n' roll attitude.

Most Friedman guitars take their cues from updates of 70s bolt-on designs and 80s shred machines, often with some slight relic marks and dings added to increase the vintage authenticity. These guitars are high-end models made by expert craftsmen, using the finest woods and the very best hardware like, for example, genuine German Floyd Rose tremolos and handwound pickups. Each Friedman guitar is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer and is treated to a Plek setup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Friedman Guitars

Question: What type of pickups do Friedman use?
Friedman use their own hand wound pickups. These have been designed from the ground up by Dave Friedman and Grover Jackson and are based on a variety of classic pickups depending on the model.
Question: What is a compound radius?
A compound radius is something you'll find on Friedman guitars and other high performance guitars. The compound radius was actually invented by Grover Jackson back in the 80s. Compound radius fingerboards are basically fingerboards that flatten out as they ascend towards the higher frets. General consensus among guitarists is that slightly more rounded fingerboards are more comfortable for chording and flatter fingerboards are better for lead work. Thus, a compound radius gives you a more rounded radius at the lower frets where you will be doing most of your chording (noted by the lower measurement of 10") and a gradually flatter radius towards the higher up soloing positions (hence the higher 14" measurement).
Question: Are Friedman guitars made by Grover Jackson of Jackson guitars?
That's him! Yes, Grover Jackson of not only Jackson guitars but also once-owner of Charvel is the man behind these fantastic Friedman guitars. All of his and Dave Friedman's expertise goes into each instrument.
Question: What is a Plek set up and what are the benefits?
A Plek machine is a cutting edge computerized machine that takes your guitar and makes an unbelievably detailed analysis of the neck and fretboard. The Plek machine is used for fret dressing to ensure that tiny incremental details are paid attention to and smoothed. This in turn makes for an unparalleled set up. All Freidman guitars are treated to a Plek session.