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About Friedman Amps

Friedman Amps have been at the forefront of an explosion of boutique American amps over the last ten years.

With his background in modding amps, Dave Friedman is something of a cult hero. This is the man behind the signature tones of stars such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell. Friedman Amps are consequently known for their high gain take on vintage Plexi tones.

Bestselling models include the Brown Eye, Pink Taco and Dirty Shirley which are all point-to-point wired for stunning tone. They all have the same Friedman DNA but differ in how much gain is on tap. The Brown Eye has become known as the modern high gain amp par excellence. Still made in the USA but using a PCB, the Runt Series from Friedman is more affordable but still captures that Friedman magic.

Friedman amps come in either heads and cabs or combos depending on your needs. They have also introduced Friedman Pedals which replicate their amp tones in pedal formats.

Famous fans of Friedman Amps include Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters), Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) and Phil X (Bon Jovi).

What Makes a Friedman Amp Different?

  • Boutique American amps
  • Modded Plexi tones
  • Stunning quality and reliability

Frequently Asked Questions about Friedman Amps

Question: What is the best Friedman amp?
The most popular Friedman Amps are the Pink Taco and Brown Eye. The Brown Eye has more of a modern high gain sound whereas the Pink Taco is more versatile.
Question: Who uses Friedman amps?
Friedman Amps have been used by Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters), Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) and Phil X (Bon Jovi).
Question: Are Friedman amps handwired?
Yes, all Friedman amps are handwired except the Runt Series which employ printed circuit boards to save on labour costs. This makes them much more affordable.