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About Friedman Amps

Friedman Amplification are an American boutique amplifier brand. Owner Dave Friedman has a great reputation. In the early days, he earned this by modifying the amps of many famous guitarists. This led on to his own custom amp builds which are what we stock in store and online.

Friedman amps are hand made valve combos, heads and cabinets. They are famed for their high quality tones, particularly in terms of their 'modded British' distorted sounds.

The Friedman brand also make quality electric guitars and effects pedals but it is their amplifiers that are best known. Many top players use them to record and tour with.

We keep a selection of Friedman amplifiers in each of our guitarguitar stores. Stop by the shop to try one out for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions about Friedman Amps

Friedman have three signature artists who have their own amp models: Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Phil X (Bon Jovi) and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol). In addition to these artists, here is a selected list of more artists who use Friedman amps: Billy Duffy (The Cult), Bill Kelliher (Mastodon), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Jim Root (Slipknot) and Billy Howerdel (a Perfect Circle).
It depends on the cabinet but Friedman tend to choose Celestion cabinets - mainly the 12" Creamback or the 12" V30.