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About Friedman Pedals

Guitarists love Friedman pedals. Some of their pedals are based on popular Friedman amps such as the Brown Eye. Others are independent designs. Friedman pedals are primarily drive and distortion effects, though they also make a Wah pedal, a Boost and a Compressor. Their drive pedals can be either solid state or include valve technology.

Friedman products are known for their high build quality and superlative sound. Their pedals are no exception!

At guitarguitar, we are huge fans of everything Friedman. We proudly stock their pedals alongside their amps and guitars. Check out or full selection online or visit us in store to try them out for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Friedman Pedals

Question: What is the difference between the Friedman BE-OD and the BE-OD Deluxe pedals?
The BE-OD pedals are based on Friedman's Brown Eye amp's famously good overdrive sounds. The BE-OD Deluxe has two channels, the second having less gain for a cleaner crunch. Both channels have Midrange controls, something absent from the original BE-OD pedal.