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About Atkin Guitars

Atkin guitars are a brand of boutique hand made acoustic guitars from Canterbury, England. Headed up by Alister Atkin, the company is a small operation of four people who pour their talent, skill and dedication into each guitar they make. Atkin guitars are often compared favourably to genuine vintage acoustic guitars. This is thanks to their level of quality, tone and workmanship.

Their guitars are based mainly on classic heritage American designs. These include the Orchestral model, the 000 and the Dreadnought. Every Atkin guitar top (and the wood for the bracing) is 'baked'. A process called torrefaction subjects the tiber to high temperatures in a low oxygen environment. This dries out the wood and alters and crystallizes the resins within the wood grain. It speeds up the natural process which eventually gives vintage guitars such a beautiful tone.

Atkin guitars are among the very best acoustic guitars out there and we are proud to sell them in out stores. Have a look at our selection here on the site or visit us to try one in the flesh.

Frequently Asked Questions about Atkin Guitars

Question: What type of finish is used on Atkin guitars?
Atkin use a thin coat of nitrocellulose lacquer on their guitars and have two finish types: Aged and Mirror.
Question: Who plays Atkin guitars?
Atkin guitars are played by Paul McCartney, Richard Hawley, Elvis Costello and Dolly Parton.