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About Gibson Guitars

Gibson guitars are some of the most loved and revered in existence. Guitars including the Les Paul and the SG are true icons of music culture, inspiring millions of guitar fans every day. Gibson offer a wide range of electric guitar models. This includes hollow guitars such as the L5 and solid body designs including the Firebird and the Explorer. These iconic designs are recognised around the world as some of the greatest examples of electric guitar craft.

All Gibson electric guitars are manufactured in the USA and a good deal of the work, even on the most affordable models, is carried out by hand. Gibson electric guitars are easy to play and have a rich, sustaining sound unlike any other guitar from any other brand. Most Gibson guitars are made with Mahogany and finished in a coat of luxurious nitrocellulose lacquer. This results in a look and feel that is unbeatable.

Gibson electric guitars are used by an endless list of famous bands. Examples include Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns 'n' Roses, Black Sabbath and The Beatles to name but a few. Rock music simply would not sound the same without Gibson electric guitars and we are honoured to be one of the UK's largest authorised Gibson dealers. From Tribute models to Standards, ESs to Custom Shops, we have an outstanding selection of these wonderful guitars for you to try, buy and enjoy forever.

What Makes Gibson Guitars Different?

  • Every single guitar is made in the USA
  • Gibson guitars include some of the most iconic designs of all time: Les Paul, SG, ES-335 and Flying V
  • Have been played by countless artists including Jeff Beck, Dave Grohl, Kirk Hammett, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and Carlos Santana
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Guitars

    Gibson electric guitars are all made in the USA. Solid body guitars and Custom Shop instruments are made in Nashville whilst the semi hollow ES models are built in Memphis.
    The less expensive Gibson guitar models are built right next to the more expensive ones in either Nashville or Memphis, Tennessee. Every Gibson guitar is built in the USA. Epiphone, a separate company owned by Gibson, produce guitars in the Far East. These are great guitars in their own right but are not to be confused with USA Gibson guitars.
    Gibson have a large catalogue of electric guitars available and they all have their own inherent tonal characteristics. Having said that, it is probably fair to say that Gibson is associated with making guitars that sound powerful and thick with plenty of sustain and midrange presence. Some models display this more than others but it is a reasonably consistent characteristic in general. They sound thick and wide rather than thin and jangly.
    'Set neck' refers to the way in which Gibson attach the necks of the guitars to the bodies. Another term is 'glued in' and, as you may well presume, this involves using glue and precision fitting to move the neck precisely into place for a tight and immovable fit. Set necks are very strong and do not tend to shift in terms of the actual join. Gibson do this with nearly all of their guitars.