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About Gibson Slash

Two of the biggest names in the world of rock have come together to create this impressive collection of guitars - the Gibson Slash Collection. These electric and acoustic models embody the spirit of Slash's musical journey at various points throughout his career. You will likely recognise these from many live performances, music video scenes and photos. The guitar finishes have also been named to reflect these iconic moments in music history such as November Burst and Appetite Amber, bringing to mind certain moments from the legacy of Guns N' Roses. One particularly special guitar in the collection is the Doubleneck Replica, which truly delivers that iconic Slash attitude. A Slash signature is present to cement the influence of the man behind these instruments.

While the guitars have some classic vintage features, they also contain modern details. This makes them a perfect tribute to a golden era of guitars but also extremely playable. Quality woods and a comfortable neck profile make for beautiful instruments that are made to perform and go the distance. It is good to know that these guitars sound great and play extremely well. From the number of guitars Slash has played over the years you know that he can recognise quality instruments. There is no doubt Slash wouldn't settle for anything less than the best.

The electric models contain signature pickups known as 'Slashbuckers'. These have been created by Gibson in order to capture the best aspects of Slash's favourite pickups. The acoustic models also feature a pickup which make them versatile and great for a number of situations. This collection will no doubt attract any fan of Slash or GN'R however the incredible playability and quality of these instruments make them perfect for any guitarist. They sound incredible and whether you plan on paying tribute to the iconic records or taking it out on tour, it will do the job with utmost excellence.

The exception to the above is the Slash Doubleneck as it contains pickups voiced to match the original 1966 model which he bought in 1990. These guitars have been crafted by expert luthiers at Gibson Custom Shop to be exact replicas of the model he owns. There are only 125 of these world wide and the fact that they are hand signed by Slash makes them extremely special. This is the type of guitar that you don't see come around often.

Our Gibson Slash guitars come included with a hard case.


Why Should I Choose Gibson Slash?

  • A collection of iconic guitars inspired by Slash's illustrious career
  • A mixture of classic looks and modern playability
  • Perfect for the Guns N' Roses fans or serious guitarists alike

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Slash

Question: Has Slash always used Gibson guitars?
Slash's first Les Paul was actually a copy however he has had a long and fruitful partnership with Gibson. Spanning several decades and numerous signature models, being part of the Gibson family is clearly the place for him.
Question: Do you have to be a Guns N' Roses fan to play these?
Not at all. You may have an extra level of appreciation for the models if you are fan of the band however at the core they are extremely well made guitars. On the electric models you can also change the truss rod cover to a blank one, so it doesn't necessarily need to have the Slash signature on it.
Question: Where are these guitars made?
As with other Gibson models, these are made in the USA. They are finely crafted by top luthiers to the usual high standard you would expect to find from this legendary company.
Question: When did Slash use a Doubleneck guitar?
One of the most notable performances was during the recorded Live In Tokyo show from the Use Your Illusion World Tour. He used it on Patience and also Knockin' On Heavens Door.