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About Zoom Pedals

Zoom pedals are digital multi-effect units. They are especially popular among student guitar players who seek a wide range of sounds at an affordable price. They make specific units for electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass.

Their flagship pedal is the Zoom G5N. While they do bigger units and smaller units, the G5N seems to be the perfect entry into effects for beginners. The beauty of these units is that you can access an extraordinary number of sounds without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

What makes Zoom pedals different?

  • Perfect for student players
  • Wide range of sounds
  • Affordable prices
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Zoom Pedals

    Question: What is Zoom's flagship pedal?
    Zoom's flagship effects unit is the G5N.
    Question: What is a good Zoom pedal for beginners?
    The best Zoom pedal for beginners is the G5N. This seems to be the sweet point between range of sounds and user-friendliness. If you’d prefer to keep it really simple, the G1 features over 70 effects but in an extremely small footprint.