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Accessories are available for guitars and many other instruments at guitarguitar. We carry a vast selection of accessories from plectrums and straps through to replacement pickups, tools, gig bags and even bar stools!

We keep all of the major manufacturers in stock: Jim Dunlop, Seymour Duncan, Levys, D'Addario, Fender, Ernie Ball, DiMarzio and much more. Every guitarguitar store is well stocked with everything you need to play, adjust and maintain your instrument both at home and on the road.

It isn't just about guitars, either. We stock keyboard stands, sheet music stands, microphone accessories, PA covers, and cables for all manner of DJ, production and live music settings. We have a comprehensive range of products available to make life easier and more convenient for modern musicians.

Our entire selection is available to browse online and at each of our stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Accessories

Presuming you have a guitar, amp and cable to connect the two, we'd suggest picking up the following: electronic tuner , guitar strap, plectrums, capo, gig bag, spare set of strings. That's about it for absolute essentials! You'll pick up the rest as you go along but these items are pretty much required!
Good question! That depends entirely on how much time you spend playing. If you play for at least an hour every day, we recommend changing your strings once a month. If you play less often, change them maybe three of four times a year. Guitarists out gigging once a week or more should consider changing their strings a couple of times a month, perhaps even more. If your strings look dirty, feel grimy and do not hold tuning like they once did, a re-stringing is long overdue!
Yes. We have carefully put together two Gift Packs for just this reason! Check out the guitarguitar Standard Gift Pack for a handpicked selection of goodies that includes a capo, stringwinder, tuner and more. Or, go for the guitarguitar Premium Gift Pack which includes a cable, strap, upgraded tuner, upgraded stringwinder and more. Each pack is available online and at each of our stores.
Gruv Gear FretWraps are fabric devices that wrap around the lower reaches of your guitar's fingerboard. They are designed to dampen the open, unfretted strings of your guitar or bass for those occasions when you want to tap or perform some other type of technique. FretWraps cancel out all of the handling noise and incidental sounds giving you a clean, tight sounding performance. FretWraps are great in the studio and on the stage!