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Hercules GS414B Plus Guitar Stand

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Manufacturer's ID: GS414BPLUS

The HERCULES Guitar Stand GS414B PLUS features the upgraded Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke, Instant Height Adjustment Clutch and Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber on all contact points.


  • The upgraded Auto Grip System accommodates a wider range of string instrument neck sizes from 40mm-52mm (1.57 in – 2.05 in).
  • The included NINA™(Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment) is specially designed to increase the thickness of AGS arms to hold instrument neck sizes as narrow as 28mm(1.10 in).
  • Easier adjustment, the Instant Height Adjustment Clutch with locking pin adjusts stand height in a snap!
  • Stronger grip on surfaces, the upgraded Foot Pads increase ground friction to provide maximum security for your instrument.


  • Height: 950 mm – 1150 mm (37.4 in - 45.2 in)
  • Weight: 1.8 kg (4 Ibs)
  • Base Radius: 310mm (12.2 in)
  • Load Capacity: 15 kg (33 Ibs)
  • Folded Size: 710 mm x 155 mm x 110 mm (27.9 in x 6.1 in x 4.3 in)

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.9/5 (172 reviews)

Well made and very stable. The automatic release is neat and effective. My only complaint is the lack of any kind of instructions for assembly. It wasn't too difficult to figure out, but when you are paying almost L40 for a guitar stand it surely isn't too much to ask that the manufacturer includes a sheet of paper with some instructions.

Francis O. - 10/11/2021

Best stand on the market. for the price.

Andrew D. - 31/10/2021

Gemma W. - 31/10/2021

Michael L. - 27/10/2021

I like the spring mechanism to hold the guitar in place, just hope it doesnt fail as won?t be able to use it

Fiona A. - 23/10/2021

Brian C. - 23/10/2021

Great Guitar Stand,Very Sturdy,Highly recomend!

John B. - 21/10/2021

Jordan K. - 21/10/2021

Viv K. - 18/10/2021

Seems very sturdy and has soft protection in all the right places to look after my guitars and bass

Thomas M. - 15/10/2021

John N. - 12/10/2021

Functional and sturdy. But it is a little bit expensive

Kenny S. - 11/10/2021

Holds my guiar. No problems

Alexandr R. - 10/10/2021

Excellent. Holds the guitar very securely.

Roger K. - 4/10/2021

Got 2 of these now. Highly recommended.

Peter M. - 1/10/2021

Shiny G. - 1/10/2021

Mike R. - 29/9/2021

Brian M. - 26/9/2021

Super convenient and sturdy

Usama M. - 20/9/2021

Stand is excellent. Very compact, sturdy, stable, easy to adjust height. Handles narrow tele neck fine. Very happy with it.

Adrian O. - 11/9/2021

Ian F. - 6/9/2021

Took me a minute or two to understand how it worked. Holds guitar firmly and with care. Much better than my previous stand which was at a similar cost.

Gordon D. - 23/8/2021

Took me a minute or two to understand how it worked. Holds guitar firmly and with care. Much better than my previous stand which was at a similar cost.

Gordon D. - 23/8/2021

Great guitar stand good price

Shaaron D. - 19/8/2021

I'm learning to play, this guitar seems perfect for a beginner.

Marek O. - 18/8/2021

Mark L. - 15/8/2021

Great guitar/bass stand. This looks good and is very solid.

Graeme D. - 12/8/2021

As good as it gets - top quality

Greg J. - 12/8/2021

Hamid F. - 7/8/2021

Very sturdy and easy to use. Good value for money.

Sharif S. - 1/8/2021

Easy to set up and works a treat.

Ono U. - 1/8/2021

Alistair W. - 25/7/2021

Alan B. - 20/7/2021

Perfect! Does exactly what is required.

Martin S. - 5/7/2021

Best stand I have bought.

Andy K. - 4/7/2021

Peter G. - 30/6/2021

Roberto O. - 28/6/2021

Does the job and looks elegant

Stephen B. - 28/6/2021

Mike M. - 27/6/2021

Great guitar stand also rebust

Ronnie R. - 24/6/2021

Super for my many guitar great purchase ..Highly recomended

Paul B. - 22/6/2021

Very easy to assemble and great to use. Feels very safe to use as a stand. I love the opening and closing mechanism

Roy S. - 21/6/2021

Boh T. - 16/6/2021

Great stand and clever features

Jacqueline S. - 14/6/2021

Yiannis P. - 14/6/2021

Andrew H. - 1/6/2021

Heather K. - 1/6/2021

Angelo S. - 24/5/2021

This stand works very well, doesn't take up much room, and is very easy to use

William P. - 24/5/2021

Madalina C. - 24/5/2021

Excellent service from staff.

Brian H. - 23/5/2021

Simon T. - 21/5/2021

Very happy with this guitar stand. Has a safety feature to keep the guitar safe.

Pauline S. - 20/5/2021

Perfect addition. If you want your instrument to stand out, you need a STAND!

John C. - 19/5/2021

Safwan B. - 10/5/2021

Sam M. - 7/5/2021

Flavia G. - 7/5/2021

Excellent stand. Will buy another

Philip . - 7/5/2021

Best stands full stop 4 characters required apparently Strangely enough biggest purchase I made not on this list?.

Charlie C. - 6/5/2021

I asked in the showroom, why do you use these stands, the reply, guitars just dont fall out of them. So it keeps my treasured Gold top safe.

Richard O. - 30/4/2021

The stand is absolutely solid and feel as though my guitar is as safe as it could ever be.

jamie r. - 30/4/2021

Demitri C. - 30/4/2021

Good guitar stand , very happy with purchase

Mark H. - 29/4/2021

Andy W. - 25/4/2021

Tom N. - 20/4/2021

Just the job, very sturdy

Paul R. - 30/3/2021

These are great stands. Very stable, quick and easy to use.

Graeme D. - 29/3/2021

All good not so keen on the yellow bit though

Steven W. - 22/3/2021

Egemen I. - 21/3/2021

Very sturdy, easy to set up

Marc R. - 18/2/2021

Solid construction good quality product.

John T. - 18/2/2021

Practical sturdy and really quick and easy to use

Anna H. - 10/2/2021

Easily assembled and easy to use. A secure and great stand.

Stephen M. - 26/1/2021

Looks great in my son's room. Very sturdy product.

Tracey W. - 13/1/2021

Simon W. - 12/1/2021

Best guitar stand, ever. Saw these every time we came to this store, so finally decided to buy one.

Edward C. - 1/1/2021

It has a great sound and looks cool

Michael A. - 28/12/2020

Jennifer H. - 26/12/2020

Sturdy well thought out design to keep my guitar secure and safe when not in my hands or case.

Paul T. - 25/12/2020

Hector M. - 23/12/2020

Graham F. - 21/12/2020

Martin K. - 21/12/2020

Christine B. - 20/12/2020

Stephen M. - 10/12/2020

Nikki M. - 9/12/2020

kai H. - 4/12/2020

I purchased same 2yrs ago ?, and this item I bought for my grandson....his mum is fed up with him leaving the guitar on any handy armchair and such. !

Jim D. - 26/11/2020

Martin G. - 25/11/2020

Much better thank any other stand previously purchased elsewhere. It holds the guitar very well,not likely to fall over.

Alice K. - 24/11/2020

Alan B. - 19/11/2020

John D. - 17/11/2020

Very Sturdy, I love the drop and lock feature. Well made

Mark B. - 17/11/2020

Works great as a guitar stand, does it?s job and looks cool.

Bertie N. - 14/11/2020

Very practical guitar stand.

Paul F. - 14/11/2020

Catherine L. - 13/11/2020

Very good stand. Works well

Bryan E. - 11/11/2020

Edward L. - 11/11/2020

Very sturdy. I feel my guitar is secure when placed on this stand. Well worth the extra money

Diane E. - 8/11/2020

Pauline G. - 8/11/2020

Roy B. - 6/11/2020

Richard C. - 6/11/2020

Latest Telecaster American Pro II in dark night, what is there not to like about it!!!

Gary F. - 24/10/2020

Lewis F. - 21/10/2020

Teo H. - 21/10/2020

Recommend this stand.Good quality.well made and displays Guitar nicely.

Kevin S. - 20/10/2020

Brilliant, very durable stand which works really well.

Luke S. - 18/10/2020

Terri F. - 13/10/2020

John R. - 11/10/2020

Good stand and good price.

Adam S. - 11/10/2020

Functionally perfect but yellow pieces stand out a little at home

Tom B. - 29/9/2020

Paul R. - 27/9/2020

Great product saw them being used in store when we visited to buy my sons guitar and thought ideal for him to take to college

David H. - 21/9/2020

A brilliant pre owned 1988 Gibson Les Paul in Ebony. I was looking for a Les Paul and this fitted my requirements and budget perfectly. I was just lucky that the store had taken this guitar in trade a few days earlier.

Steve G. - 20/9/2020

Excellent stand, sturdy and I feel my guitar is safe. Makes it easy to pick up and play when I want to.

MATTHEW D. - 16/9/2020

Amazing, sturdy guitar stand. You could hang a bus off it.

Maxwell H. - 15/9/2020

Peter K. - 6/9/2020

New design and locking mechanism very safe and convenient to use for new dream guitar

Paul D. - 5/9/2020

Barry . - 4/9/2020

Eric F. - 22/8/2020

Best stands around IMO: no more unstable guitars or 'neck burn' on cheap plastic

Hugh M. - 21/8/2020

Gerard M. - 18/8/2020

Aiden M. - 14/8/2020

Love this stand, it has been in constant use in between playing sessions. Well built and very sturdy.

Scott L. - 14/8/2020

Brian . - 6/8/2020

Great stand , used in store and had to buy one

Neil F. - 4/8/2020

Linda T. - 20/7/2020

I really liked the design . Looks good and feels sturdy. Easy to set up

John A. - 15/7/2020

Really like it - funky design and really great way to care for my instrument

Alan D. - 6/7/2020

hedley g. - 6/7/2020

Ian L. - 5/7/2020

Suggested by the sales team over a budget stand I was considering. Very pleased with the quality and robustness of this, well worth the extra money.

Adrian . - 22/6/2020

Great quality guitar stand. Best one I?ve ever had. Highly recommend.

G C. - 19/6/2020

Eric M. - 17/6/2020

I?ve got three of these so far and I rate them. They are a jump in price from the Stagg A frames I was using, they are quite a bit more expensive but they are well worth it

John H. - 10/6/2020

Does exactly what as advertised. A strong, stable guitar stand. It's a little chunky, but it gives me confidence that my guitar won't easily be knocked over.

Hugh A. - 6/6/2020

Richard T. - 3/6/2020

Always rely on Hercules stands for my instruments

Olivia U. - 28/5/2020

Awesome no chance of accidentally knocking my guitar over.

Robert J. - 27/5/2020

Best guitar stand I?ve ever purchased. Very strong, solid and excellent quality.

G C. - 25/5/2020

Not much to say other then it does what it says on the tin, great guitar stand.

David G. - 22/5/2020

Victoria S. - 19/5/2020

A belter. Solid, stable and quick to release and replace guitar. Takes about 1 minute to assemble.

Robert H. - 13/5/2020

Very stable and protects the guitar.

Brian P. - 3/5/2020

Chris S. - 28/4/2020

Excellent stand. Great for expensive guitars.

Dean C. - 26/2/2020

Holds the guitar great nice looking stand and very sturdy

Pete W. - 22/2/2020

Well designed , robust and versatile. Gtr. Banjo, mando. bunnet, coat , and good price.

james d. - 12/1/2020

Sturdy and reliable. Feel confident with this stand

Tiree C. - 12/1/2020

Excellent service and friendly staff

Richard M. - 27/12/2019

Got loads of them

john d. - 12/12/2019

Ranza M. - 28/11/2019

Chris M. - 25/10/2019

Steven B. - 12/10/2019

stephen b. - 19/7/2019

My third stand. Easy to use

Paresh j. - 15/7/2019

This is the Rolls Royce of guitar stands. Easy to use and very stable to give you confidence your guitar is safe.

Dik M. - 4/7/2019

John D. - 1/6/2019

I already have this stand for another guitar - it effectively locks the guitar in place while still providing ease of access.

Barry G. - 9/5/2019

John M. - 19/4/2019

Love it , holds the guitar safely and gently. Sturdy frame. Would definitely buy this again

Douglas J. - 18/4/2019

I hadn?t seen one of these before but I think it?s great, my guitar never felt safer

Derek K. - 19/3/2019

Simon P. - 17/3/2019

Best single guitar stand in the market

Kazik W. - 10/3/2019

Colin S. - 4/3/2019

David B. - 3/3/2019

Good . As always the staff are helpful New what I wanted and usual good advice.

Chris J. - 20/2/2019

Jonathan R. - 26/1/2019

Alan K. - 12/11/2018

The guitar I chose is stunning. I just need to work on my playing skills to match it! The guitar stand is perfect and will take jumbo size acoustic and will also take Strat size guitars. What's not to like!

richard h. - 9/11/2018

John M. - 1/11/2018

Rock solid and cleaner proof!

Martin G. - 10/10/2018

Good well made sturdy guitar stand.

Andrew F. - 1/10/2018

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