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About Meris Pedals

Meris are a boutique effects brand from Ventura, California. Their products boast a distinctly futuristic, science fiction inspired aesthetic.

Meris pedals are quite distinct from other boutique manufacturers both sonically and physically. Their effects are ambitious digital effects that blend powerful processing with outlandish ideas. Meris stompboxes include a guitar synth pedal, a 'super-modulated' delay and a re-triggering effect inspired by vintage arcade machine noises.

This brand offers genuine alternatives to the standard pedal fare. They are studio quality and not to be confused with gimmick pedals. These are serious tools to help you break new ground!

Please check out our selection of Meris effects pedals right here online or give one a try in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meris Pedals

Question: What is the most popular Meris pedal?
At guitarguitar, the Enzo is our bestselling. The Meris Polymoon and Mercury7 Reverb pedals are also very popular.
Question: Who are the people behind Meris?
The brains behind the brand are: Terry Burton, who founded Strymon and worked as a hardware designer for Line 6; Jinna Kim, who has worked with Strymon, Disney & Song; and Angelo Mezzocco, who has designed for Eddie Van Halen, The Edge and Line 6.
Question: Do I need a special 'synth pickup' on my guitar in order to use the Meris Enzo pedal?
No, you do not need any special equipment in order to enjoy the rich and convincing synth tones of the Enzo. Just plug into it as you would do with any standard guitar pedal.