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About Faith Guitars

Faith guitars are a brand of acoustic guitars designed by top UK luthier Patrick Eggle. The company began as a way for Eggle to offer more affordable versions of his hand-made boutique acoustic guitars. Design-wise, Faith have one foot in tradition and the other in the future. Their designs are elegant and are not overly based on any 'heritage' or 'Pre War' designs from the US. Faith guitars tend to favour larger, deeper designs that accentuate bottom end. This makes them a popular choice for singer songwriters.

Faith guitars are well priced and offer good value along with excellent play-ability. Striking finishes help to set them aside from other, perhaps more traditional acoustic guitar designs. Visuals are as important to Faith's ethos as sonics, as confirmed by Eggle himself: "...the creation of an instrument that is both highly desirable and highly functional. A piece that would be as visually effective when silent as it would be sonically when in the hands of a skilled musician."

We keep an excellent selection of Faith guitars on display at all our stores. Pop in for a play!

Frequently Asked Questions about Faith Guitars

Question: Where are Faith guitars made?
Faith guitars are made in West Java, Indonesia.
Question: What kind of body shape is the Venus?
The Venus body shape is original and unique to Faith guitars but you could say it is relatively similar to a 'Grand Auditorium' model. It is a great all-rounder: good for both chords and fingerpicking.