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About NUX Pedals

NUX pedals are cheap and cheerful pedals that are perfect for building a pedalboard from scratch or plugging some gaps!

The first thing you notice about NUX pedals is their stunning affordability. At this point, it’s easy to dismiss them as being merely suitable for beginners. The quality of NUX Pedals, however, is outstanding and genuinely surprising. They make a variety of clones of other more fables circuits but they do so with good components and durable exteriors.

They have a huge range of models from classic overdrive and distortion sounds to modulations and delays. They also have large multi-effects units such as the NUX Cerberus and the MG-300. The Cereberus boasts analog overdrive and distortion stages. The all-digital MG-300 has a built-in looper and drum machine; an inspiring playground for home practice.

What Makes NUX Pedals Different?

  • Stunningly affordable
  • Good quality clones of fabled pedals
  • Inspiring multi-effects units
  • Frequently Asked Questions about NUX Pedals

    Question: Where are NUX Pedals made?
    NUX Pedals are made in China.
    Question: What's the most popular NUX pedal?
    The two most popular NUX pedals at guitarguitar are both chorus pedals. The Rivulet is a modern algorithm based pedal which captures classic lush chorus tones and the NUX Reissue Analog Chorus is a faithful replica of analog chorus circuits of the 80s. These two pedals encapsulate NUX pedals in a nutshell. They do everything from faithful reproductions to modern designs - and both are extremely affordable and popular!