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About Akai Keyboards

Our selection of Akai keyboards, synthesizers and samplers will suit almost any player. From beginner to professional keys players, to music producers and beatmakers, there is something for everyone.
Akai keyboards combine decades of innovation and research to offer the best possible value for money. From the MPK Mini keyboards all the way up to the groundbreaking MPC hardware studios, every Akai offers premium hardware bundled with a generous selection of software.
Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced producer, Akai keyboards come with everything you need to create great new music.

Why Should I Choose an Akai Keyboard?

  • Professional-level features
  • Great bundled software
  • Excellent for beginners

Frequently Asked Questions about Akai Keyboards

Question: Which Akai keyboard is best for beginners?
The MPK Mini is one of our most popular keyboards for beginners. It's a compact MIDI controller with a great selection of features including drum pads and assignable knobs. It also comes with a fantastic software package to get you producing great music right away.
Question: Which Akai keyboard is best for making hip hop?
While any of the Akai keyboards are suitable for producing hip hop, the MPC has been the backbone of many hip hop tracks for over 30 years. This latest line of MPC samplers is the most powerful we've seen, keeping everything great about the original MPC and adding in a full multitrack studio with touch screen control.
Question: Will an Akai keyboard work with my DAW?
Yes, all Akai keyboards are compatible with popular music software packages.