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About Akai Samplers

Akai Samplers possibly hold the best reputation for hardware samplers. The MPC line of samplers dates back to the late 80s, where it became instrumental in changing the sound of hip hop and dance music.
More than 30 years later, Akai samplers have yet again changed the game. The latest generation of MPC samplers has redefined what is possible with hardware. No longer do you need to boot up your computer to compose, record and perform music. With multitrack recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio sampling capabilities, the modern MPC is a fully-fledged production studio in a box.
It's easy to produce a full song with the selection of controls, drum pads and a touch screen, and with the ability to sequence your other synths and modules, the MPC is destined to be the hub of your creativity. No matter where you are, stage or studio, Akai samplers have everything you need to make your art a reality.

Why Should I Choose an Akai Sampler?

  • Full production suite in one box
  • Versatile and portable instrument
  • Great for producing multiple styles of music

Frequently Asked Questions about Akai Samplers

Question: Can I use a MIDI keyboard with an Akai sampler?
Yes, Akai MPCs allow you to connect a MIDI keyboard via USB or 5-Pin MIDI. This is great for playing virtual instruments and keymaps like you would on a piano.
Question: Do Akai samplers run on batteries?
The Akai Professional MPC Live II features a built-in rechargeable battery. This makes it an excellent option for taking on journeys and producing tracks on the go.
Question: Can I use soft synths with an Akai sampler?
While the MPC won't run software instruments itself, it is possible to use virtual instruments with your computer running the bundled MPC 2 software. This can then be rendered to audio and saved into the MPC. Alternatively, the MPC has an auto-sample feature. This will automatically play each note of a software instrument on your computer and record it to the MPC to create a virtual instrument you can use in standalone mode.