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About Mayones Guitars

Mayones are a custom builder of bespoke instruments based in Gdansk, Poland. Since the early 80s, the brand have been offering uniquely designed guitars for players of heavy and cutting-edge genres.

Mayones guitars are very distinctive. Their use of exotic woods is exemplary and, married to their uniquely edgy body shapes and attention-grabbing finishes, makes for some beautifully different guitars. Mayones are known as much for their extended range instruments (such as baritone 7 string guitars) as they are for their quality 6 string models.

Wood and hardware are top quality and their construction is second to none. Players who want to sound heavy, play with precision and stand out from the crowd use Mayones guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mayones Guitars

Mayones 8 string guitars go for the baritone scale length of 27".
This actually depends of the model. For example, Duvell and Setius models have bolted on neck joints whist the Regius models employ through neck construction.
Every Mayones guitar we stock has been custom commissioned by us. If you see a model you love but would prefer it in a different colour, it is almost definitely possible: just talk to our staff about buying a pre-order and they will guide you through the process. It won't necessarily cost more either since all of these guitars are essentially custom order anyway. However, prices will change depending on the features requested. Please talk to any member of staff for more details.