Mayones Regius

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About Mayones Regius

The Mayones Regius is an original design electric guitar made in Gdansk, Poland. Mayones' high quality guitars are hand made. They are at the cutting edge of 'heavy' guitar styles. The Regius is their most popular shape. It is available with lots of hardware options. The Regius 7 is the 7 string variant.

We keep many Mayones guitars in stock. Please check out our entire range online or visit us to try one out. A selection of our Mayones Regius guitars come included with a padded guitar bag or solid guitar case.


Why Should I Choose Mayones Regius?

  • Stunning Aesthetic
  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • High-Quality Materials

Frequently Asked Questions about Mayones Regius

Question: What type of wood is used in making a typical Mayones Regius guitar?
Mayones offer lots of options. The 'standard' (there is really no such thing) spec for a Regius includes Swamp Ash or Sapele for the body with a figured maple top. The neck is typically an 11 ply construction of Maple, Mahogany, Wenge and Amazakoe. The fingerboard is usually Ebony.