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About Yamaha Recording and Studio Equipment

Yamaha studio monitors and headphones offer the high quality sound with the robustness and reliability you would expect from a company which has been manufacturing musical instruments and equipment for over 100 years. Yamaha studio monitors are a mainstay of recording studios around the world and their fantastic HS series of speakers has brought their unique approach to reference monitors into the 21st century. Capable of a precise translation of all frequencies, Yamaha HS monitors are an asset to every studio that has a set and as an industry standard, that's a lot of studios.

Yamaha HTH headphones take sonic accuracy of the HS studio monitors and shrink it down into headphone form, making them perfect for both mixing and monitoring audio. HTH cans are also extremely good for use with guitar amps and electric drums, offering the true translation of sound you need when performing. Yamaha products are ideal for both beginners and professional users and as a Yamaha Authorised Dealer, guitarguitar stock the Yamaha products to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Recording and Studio Equipment

Question: Can I listen to regular recorded music on Yamaha headphones and monitors?
Absolutely, Yamaha monitoring products are designed to translate audio in the truest form, making them ideal for audiophile level listening.