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About Yamaha Studio Monitors

Yamaha studio monitors are an industry standard in recording studios around the world, leading on from their iconic NS10 studio speakers, the Yamaha HS Series monitors are designed to give you the most honest, precise reference possible. Featuring stunning clarity over high, mid and low frequencies, Yamaha reference monitors are optimised in every aspect to make them the most trusted speakers in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Studio Monitors

Question: Do I need an amplifier to use Yamaha Monitors?
No, the HS series are active speakers and feature an amplifier built into the enclosure which is matched specifically to power the monitor's drivers.
Question: Am I better to use balanced or unbalanced cables with studio monitors?
The HS speakers feature XLR and TRS jack connections, both of which are balanced connections, using unbalanced cables with these sort of cables can result in loss of volume as well as phasing and other audio interferences, so we would definitely recommend you use balanced cables.
Question: Do I need a subwoofer with my reference monitors?
It depends on the audio you are mixing and the size of your studio, a large number of musicians and producers don't feel the need for a subwoofer. However, for larger studio rooms, or those making hip-hop, electro and film scores, a subwoofer will give you more control over your low end frequencies. The Yamaha HS8S Sub is designed to perfectly complement the reference monitors in the HS range.