Yamaha Subwoofers

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About Yamaha Subwoofers

Yamaha Subwoofers offer enhanced clarity on low frequencies, perfect for sculpting hip-hop, r&b, electro and film score mixes, as well as for monitoring pop, rock and even orchestral music. The Yamaha HS8S Sub will not only perfectly compliment your Yamaha HS monitors, but will enhance the low frequencies with any other monitor pairs you have in your studio setup. Yamaha speakers are world renowned for their quality and are an industry standard in both recording and mastering studios worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Subwoofers

Question: Can I only use Yamaha subwoofers with Yamaha monitors?
Not at all, you can use a Yamaha sub with any good quality pair of studio monitors and the controls on the back of the subwoofer will allow you to tailor the sound to compliment your monitors.
Question: What kind of cables do I need?
Yamaha subs will accept either XLR or TRS connections at the input stage and feature XLR outputs. Balanced XLR cables are best, however, if your studio hardware doesn't feature XLR outputs, you will need a pair of TRS cables to connect to the sub and a pair of XLR cables to link from the sub to your monitors (provided they feature XLR inputs).
Question: How do I connect a subwoofer into my speaker system?
Subwoofers are designed to be the first stop in your audio signal, simply link from the outputs on your audio interface or desk to the inputs on the sub, and then from the sub to the subwoofers outputs to your monitors. A Yamaha sub will distribute an uncoloured signal out to your monitors.