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About Catalinbread Pedals

Catalinbread are a company based in Portland, Oregon. They design and build handmade boutique effects pedals. Their pedal designs are often unusual and are feature bright graphics on the pedal chassis.

Catalinbread offer a very wide range of effects pedals. This includes a host of drives, fuzzes, boosters, modulations, compressors and ambient effects. Their delay and reverb effects are particularly revered throughout the industry.

Catalinbread pedals are available from guitarguitar both in store and online. We have an excellent selection for sale with new models and fresh stock arriving all the time. Visit us to try out what them out or simply browse online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Catalinbread Pedals

This is a series of pedals which are designed to act and respond like amp circuits in pedal form rather than straight up drive pedals. Some of the pedals in this range are based on famous artist tones (Queen, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin are examples). Others are based on amps or general sound types.