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About Catalinbread

Catalinbread Pedals are a high end boutique range of hand built effects from Portland, Oregon. Catalinbread offer the expected overdrives, boosters and delays but also offer an interesting range of effects called the 'Foundation Overdrive' series. These pedals are designed to sound, feel and respond like an amp channel rather than a drive pedal: Catalinbread want you to think of these as the basis for your entire tone, form which all other pedals work and interact with, just like a drive channel on your amp. It isn't too hard to translate which pedal performs which task (their 'Gallileo' model has a graphic taken straight from Queen's 'Greatest Hits II' cover and is designed to sound like a Vox AC30 top boost) so you can effectively add different amp sounds to your pedal board.

Catalinbread pedals are interesting, effective and very popular. Visit us at any UK guitarguitar store to try the pedals out for yourself or simply click through right here on the website to order yours!

Frequently Asked Questions about Catalinbread

Our number one selling Catalinbread pedal is the Echorec, a perfect recreation of the legendary Binson Echorec as used to great effect by Pink Floyd.
Nearly all of them are but they have made some distinctly creation pedals like the CSIDMAN, which is a fully digital effect and can helo you acheive a palette of particularly unusual sounds!
The Dirty Little Secret is Catalinbread's take on the famous Marshall sound. This pedal is designed to form a focal point of your tone: leave it on all the time and clean up your signal by adjusting your volume knob!
Stock levels change all the time due to sales but we try to keep healthy levels of Catalinbread stock in all shops! If in doubt, buy directly from our site here.