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About the Taylor GS Mini

The short scale Taylor GS Mini is the most popular instrument in the Taylor guitar range. A superb acoustic guitar that's small enough to travel with but comfortable enough to be your main acoustic. Made in several iterations including Mahogany, Koa and Spruce/Walnut, this excellent guitar has a lot of projection and tone! More than a travel guitar, this is a true Taylor! The GS Mini-e models also have a fitted pickup for live performances!

The GS Mini gets its name from Taylor's Grand Symphony body shape: it is designed to offer excellent response to strumming in particular. The back is also slightly arched to allow more sound and resonance, giving the GS Mini a strong and rich voice beyond it's size.

Winner of the Player's Choice Award by Acoustic Guitar magazine, the GS Mini is without a doubt our best selling Taylor acoustic guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor GS Mini Guitars

The GS Mini's body is 17 5/8" in length (448mm) and has a scale length of 23 1/2".
The GS Mini is the same design regardless of which woods are used. The woods play a large part in the determination of tone though and Taylor have used a few different types. These include the original model which had a solid Sitka Spruce top and layered Sapele. Since then, there have been models made with solid Mahogany tops and solid Koa tops and another model with a Spruce top and layered Walnut for the body. Any models with an 'e' designation in the name, such as the GS Mini-e, have been pre fitted with a custom Taylor Mini-e pickup for using the guitar at gigs.
The GS Mini is made in Taylor's own factory in Tecate, Mexico.
It's all a matter of preference: there is no 'best'! Each tonewood has its own properties and different players like different things. For example, Spruce is strong and bright sounding whilst Mahogany is thicker and darker sounding with warmth and richness. Trying a few varieties is always a good idea.
If you want to use the GS Mini for live performances, go for a GS Mini-e model which comes fitted with a pickup and preamp for plugging in and gigging. These ES-B pickup systems include onboard chromatic tuners. Alternatively, if you already own a GS Mini and wish to take it on stage, look out for the ES-Go, a custom made pickup made by Taylor specifically for the GS Mini. This pickup is easy to install and will allow you to gig with your cherished GS Mini.