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About Studio Monitors

Monitors are essential for any studio recording setup, designed to offer an uncoloured sound with a flat frequency response. Studio speakers are constructed to project the truest representation of a recording, rather than to enhance it to sound as good as possible as home stereo/hifi speakers do.

guitarguitar offer a wide range of active speakers in various sizes to ensure you have access to the best studio monitors for your recording space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Studio Monitors

Passive speakers are a slightly outdated concept and virtually all studio monitors are now active. One benefit of this system is that you don't require a separate amplifier. It is also easier to connect and position your speakers in your studio and there will be less unwanted noise in your setup.
While it is possible to do this, we don't recommend it. Home stereo speakers are designed to make music sound louder and more flattering by boosting the lower frequencies. You will be able to create a mix you're happy with on these speakers. However, because you've been mixing to the unnatural sound of those speakers, as soon as you hear your mix on another stereo, it's going to sound nothing like you wanted it to. This is why Monitors offer a flat frequency response, ensuring you are able to accurately hear what needs to be done to a mix in order to make it sound as good as possible on every set of speakers.
Provided you are using balanced TRS cables and not unbalanced guitar cables, then the XLR and Jack ports will sound virtually identical. Balanced cables are designed to filter out the unwanted noise and interference that unbalanced cables are susceptible to. They also boost the audio to ensure a strong signal to your speakers. You would only want to use Phono cables when it is the only output from your source, for example a record turntable with a Phono pre-amp.