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About Presonus Monitors

Presonus Monitors combine great reliability with supreme clarity and true representation of sound. Whether it's the Eris range or the audiofile worthy Sceptre monitors you're looking at, for both home and recording studio, Presonus have the speakers to suit your needs.

guitarguitar also stock a great range of Presonus subwoofers. Both the Temblor T8 and T10 subs are ideal for confirming the balance of the low end of your mixes and are excellent for use both at home and in professional recording studios.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Presonus Monitors

Question: I'm building a home studio, do I require a SubWoofer?
In most cases your studio monitors should cover the low end required to execute a good mix, but for bass heavy tracks you may benefit from a SubWoofer. However, it is worth noting that many studios don't run their subs 100% of the time and generally kick them in temporarily just to check for imperfections in a mix.
Question: What size speakers do I need for my home studio?
It depends on the size of your room and the types of music you're typically making/recording. For acoustic and rock music a 5" monitor would have you covered for the bulk of your work, however for genres such as hip hop, R&B and pop music which feature a more pronounced low end, you may wish to opt for a larger speaker, for example a 6" or 8" monitor.