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About Fender Custom Shop Guitars

The Fender Custom Shop is where incredible Fender guitars are hand built by the best craftspeople in the business. The guitars made here are the best of the best. Some are team built guitars (created by numerous artisans). Others are master built instruments created entirely by one particularly esteemed staff member. These are the same people who build guitars for Eric Clapton, John 5, Jeff Beck and John Mayer.

Custom Shop Stratocasters and Telecasters are available in a range of finish styles from their 'Time Machine' process. This is home to the famous 'Relic' process which takes place in a few relative degrees of severity. The Custom Shop also makes Jazzmasters, P-Basses and Jazz Basses.

As one of the UK's largest authorised Fender Custom Shop dealers, we keep the biggest and best stock of these incredible instruments. Pay us a visit or browse online...your dream Fender Custom Shop guitar is waiting for you at guitarguitar!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Custom Shop Guitars

Yes you can! We are experienced Fender Custom Shop dealers. No one is better at guiding you through the process of ordering your own custom built Fender guitar or bass. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that the whole experience is fun, exciting and rewarding. Visit your closest guitarguitar store and talk to a staff member. Every store has at least one team member with the correct training and experience to see you through this amazing time.
Here are all of the terms for Fender Custom Shop's Ageing styles, from the lightest to the most extreme: New Old Stock (NOS), Closet Classic, Lush Closet Classic, Journeyman Relic, Relic, Heavy Relic. There is also an 'Ultimate Relic' process which is offered occasionally.
You can get a wide range of what the Custom Shop call 'base models' and they are almost always connected with a date. For example, the Stratocaster is available in 7 different base models including 1955, 1956, 1963 and 969 models as well as the Elite model. So, in total there are currently 7 Stratocaster, 9 Telecaster and 3 Precision Bass base models along with one each for the Jazz Bass, the Jazzmaster, the Jaguar and a Bass VI. They begin with one of these models and then carry on the process.