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About G&L Guitars

G&L guitars are the definitive last word on guitars by one of the industry's great legends, Leo Fender. These instruments build upon Leo's most familiar creations and add their own innovations and stylistic touches.

G&L incorporate original design pickups and bridges to their guitars. This makes them very different to many of the other S and T type guitars that are available.

G&L make their American guitars in Fullerton, California. This is the original home of Fender guitars. They also have a successful range of Far Eastern instruments known as the Tribute Series. Both USA and Tribute models share similar types of body designs, pickup options and so on. While the brand is perhaps best known for its red guitars, a wide variety of colour choices is available.

At guitarguitar, we have a fantastic selection of G&L electric guitars and basses. We stock both Tributes and US models. Visit your local store to try one in person or browse our entire selection right here online.


Why Should I Choose a G&L Guitar?

  • Classic Leo Fender designs
  • Inventive switching options
  • Great finish options

Frequently Asked Questions about G&L Guitars

Question: Which famous artists use G&L guitars?
Several notable players use G&L guitars and basses including the following: Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Elliot Easton (The Cars), Peter Frampton and Peter Green.
Question: Do G&L Legacy and Comanche guitars have non-standard tone controls?
Indeed they do. The brand uses the traditional two Tone control design to use a circuit called the PTB (Passive treble and bass). With this handy circuit you get a master treble and a master bass control for cutting both of these frequencies. This can push your tone in a number of directions and is a great asset to have at your fingertips.
Question: What are those unusual pickups that are on models like the USA Deluxe Comanche?
These are G&L's Z-Coil pickups. They are single coil pickups designed by Leo Fender. Though single coil in sound, they are humbucking in operation. They look similar to Leo's design for P-Bass split coil pickups but retain the famous glassy, twangy 'spank' sound.