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About iPad and iPhone Microphones

iPad and iPhone microphones are designed to let you take recording with your iOS device a step towards studio quality audio. Most of us carry mobile smart devices with us throughout the day, which makes them one of the most common ways to record new musical ideas and sounds. However, these recordings can often be let down by the built in microphone. Our iPad and iPhone microphones feature the same capsules and components used in professional mics, but use a Lightning connection that lets you plug it straight into your iOS device without the need for an audio interface.

If you're looking to use your device for capturing ambient audio for sound design, or recording your voice for podcasts, there are iPad and iPhone microphones that have been tailored for these tasks! Plus, with the ability to record in lossless digital audio, with the relevant microphone, iOS devices have become a popular way to capture sound for small video shoots and interviews.

Why Should I Choose an iPad and iPhone Microphone?

  • Record in high quality anywhere
  • Versatile range of uses
  • Easy to use and affordable

Frequently Asked Questions about iPad and iPhone Microphones

Question: I already have a microphone, do I really have to buy another one just to use with my phone?
Not at all. Rather than buying another microphone, we'd recommend you go for an iOS compatible Audio Interface. This will also offer you additional inputs and outputs and some will even power your device when you're recording!
Question: Will an iOS microphone work with my home computer?
We do stock microphones which will work on both iOS and home computers. However, some of the mics do require a TRRS headphone connection, which a lot of computers won't support, so it's worth checking the microphone's specifications before making a purchase.
Question: Can I use an external mic with my iPad or iPhone?
Absolutely, we stock a great range of mics made specifically for use with iPad and iPhones.
Question: What microphones are compatible with iPads and iPhones?
There are some excellent microphones from Rode, Zoom and Shure that are iOS compatible.
Question: What are some of the best iPad and iPhone microphones?
If you're looking to record singing or speech, the Shure MV5 is an exceptionally easy to use microphone.