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About Shure Microphones

Shure are one of the premier microphone manufacturers. Their iconic SM58 and SM57 dynamic mics have long been the best selling microphones in the world. They have made an appearance on virtually every stage and in every studio worldwide. Shure has been making microphones since the 1930s. Mics including the SM7B, BETA 181, Beta 52A and Beta 87A are considered industry benchmarks.

Dynamic microphones such as the Shure SM58, SM57 and SM7B feature an extremely solid build, great sound and a huge range of uses. They have appeared on a phenomenal amount of top selling records and have been used by a huge amount of professional musicians. If you're not sure what microphone to use on an instrument, just stick a Shure SM57 on it and you're good.

Shure's great reputation extends to their condenser microphones. Models including the Beta 27, SM27 and BETA 98A/C offer the same great build quality and reliability as their dynamic siblings. They also bring a heightened level of sensitivity that makes them great for a nuanced sound capture, perfect for use both in the studio and on stage.

Shure wireless microphones are modelled on their highly popular SM58, Beta 58, Beta 87A and SM86 handheld microphones. They allow singers to not be tied down by cumbersome microphone cables. Retaining clarity and offering a secure signal, Shure wireless microphones are an excellent choice for singers and presenters looking for freedom. Shure also manufacture some excellent headset and lavalier microphones. No need to feel tied down by a handheld microphone!

The MV range by Shure brings their renowned quality to your iPad and iPhone. With plug and play ease of use, models such as the MV5 and MV51 are an ideal solution for making quality recordings with your favourite music apps. The Shure MV range is one of the highest quality and most pain-free options for recording to your iPhone or iPad. A headphone port is provided for monitoring your music while you record. The ability to plug directly into your iOS device without the need for a camera connection kit is another huge bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shure Microphones

While it's true that the SM7B is designed with radio broadcast in mind, it's very popular for use in the studio. In fact, the SM7 it improves on was used for recording vocals on Michael Jackson's Thriller and Bad albums, as well as Metallica's black album.
The SM57 is the microphone most often used with guitar cabs on stage and in the studio, but this isn't its only use. It's common to see an SM57 used on snare drums, acoustic guitars, violins, and even vocals.
The SM58 is a legendary microphone that was launched in 1966. Pretty much every singer has used an SM58 at some point! The Beta 58A was launched in 1996 and takes what's great about the SM58 and expands the frequency response. It also reduces the proximity effect that the SM58 is known for and gives out a slightly "hotter" signal. The Beta 58A is generally considered a more modern sounding microphone.