Shure Wireless Microphones

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About Shure Wireless Microphones

Shure Wireless Microphones are an industry standard that takes Shure's iconic microphones and adapts them for wireless use, giving you the freedom to move on stage without being restricted by a cable.

Available in both digital and analog variations, Shure Wireless Microphones feature an internal transmitter that sends a signal to the included receiver, which then connects to the stagebox or mixing desk via an XLR cable in the same way a regular microphone does.

Shure Wireless Microphones are available in 4 main variations; hand held vocal mics for speech and singing, headset microphones that work well for performing musicians and instructors, lavalier mics for presenters and broacasters and clip on instrument microphones that are designed for attaching to brass and string instruments. If you're looking for the freedom to move on stage without tripping over a microphone cable, then you're going to love your Shure Wireless Microphone.

Why Should I Choose a Shure Wireless Microphone?

  • Freedom to move on stage without a cable
  • Strong reliable signal
  • Digital systems are free to operate

Frequently Asked Questions about Shure Wireless Microphones

Question: Does a wireless microphone require batteries?
Yes, batteries are required. However, the microphones are now very efficient and will last several hours of use on a single charge.
Question: How do I connect a wireless microphone system to a mixing desk?
Basically, you connect the system's receiver to where the microphone would go, so either into the stagebox or directly into the mixing desk.
Question: Which is the best Shure wireless microphone?
Shure's flagship SLXD series offers professional operation, with incredible signal strength and the ability to run up to 32 systems simultaneously.
Question: Are Shure wireless microphones better?
Yes. Wireless microphones have many advantages, including the ability to move on stage without a microphone cable getting in the way.