Shure SM58 Wireless

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About the Shure SM58 Wireless

Shure’s SM58 is the industry-standard vocal microphone for live performance, and has been for decades. If you are a musician or speaker, you are likely to already have either used one yourself. Or at the least, saw someone else use one.

There are a variety of wireless versions of the SM58 available. These include analogue systems, like the BLX24UK and digital systems like the GLXD24UK. The analogue systems communicate over radio bandwidths. Meanwhile digital systems operate within the license-free 2.4Ghz band.

Whatever the purpose, there is a wireless SM58 to suit your needs. This even includes dual systems with two SM58s!

Why Should I Choose a Shure SM58 Wireless Microphone?

  • Industry standard vocal microphone
  • Quality sound
  • Extremely robust build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Shure SM58 Wireless

Question: Can you use shure sm58 for recording?
You can indeed use the SM58 for recording. However, we’d recommend using the wired version as opposed to wireless for this purpose. Wireless is amazing for the stage, but for maintaining signal fidelity in the studio, cables are your friend.
Question: What's the difference between shure sm58 and sm57?
The frequency response is slightly different between the SM58 and SM57. The SM58 has a little more brightness in the top end, which makes it more ideal for vocals. The SM57 is a little darker sounding, which makes it amazing on guitar cabs, snare drums and much more. The two are fairly interchangeable, but this is a good rule of thumb to follow.