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About Gibson Bass Guitars

Gibson Bass Guitars may not be as well known as Gibson electric guitars, but they have shaped the history of rock ‘n’ roll. One of the most iconic bassists of all time, Jack Bruce, rocked a Gibson EB-3 and used it on most of Cream’s classic albums.

Most famous for the Gibson Thunderbird bass, Gibson bass guitars have got a distinctly edgy vibe; they practically demand to be slung low and played ferociously loud. Whereas most electric bass guitars feature a bolt-on neck construction, Gibson bass guitars use a set neck made from mahogany on a solid mahogany body. This gives Gibson basses a thick, powerful tone. This is probably why they were so popular among alternative rock bands of the 80s and 90s including Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and Nirvana.

Gibson bass guitars tend to have classic electric guitar counterparts. There is a Les Paul bass, an SG (also known as EB) bass, and the Thunderbird is a bass version of the reverse Firebird. There are also other more unusual Gibson bass guitars including the RD and the Ripper.

What Makes a Gibson Bass Guitar Different?

  • Thick, powerful sound
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude
  • Classic Gibson styles

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Bass Guitars

Question: Where are Gibson basses made?
Gibson basses make their solid-body basses in Nashville and their semi-hollow basses in Memphis. All Gibson instruments are made in the USA.
Question: What styles of music do Gibson bass guitars suit?
Gibson bass guitars have a long and illustrious history of being played in hard rock bands. They have a muscular sound and cool aesthetic which makes them happy bedfellows. They could absolutely be used in metal and blues as well.
Question: What scale length are most Gibson basses?
Unusually, Gibson offer two distinct scale lengths, depending on the model. Gibson Basses including the RD and the Thunderbird keep a 'regular' scale length of 34" whilst other models such as the SG and the Les Paul bass have a shorter scale of 30.5".
Question: What is the most popular Gibson bass?
The most consistently popular Gibson bass is the Thunderbird. It is perhaps Gibson's most iconic bass guitar design.