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About Gibson Bass Guitars

The Gibson bass guitar range contains brand classics such as the Thunderbird. This is in addition to bass versions of certain electric guitar designs including the Les Paul, SG and RD models. Gibson basses are versatile in design while generally opting for Gibson's traditional Mahogany body and neck with set-neck or through-neck construction.

Gibson basses offer a distinctly different set of tones and playing feels to the usual bolt-on models. By using humbucking pickups and thick, resonant mahogany, the trademark Gibson bass tone is large, powerful and thick. This is perfect for rock and other more aggressive styles! Famous players of Gibson basses include Nikki Sixx, Jack Bruce, Krist Novoselic and Kim Gordon.

At guitarguitar, we know bassists are as discerning as guitarists. We want you to walk away with the bass guitar you want, not the one that happens to be available. To that end, we have a huge amount of bass guitars in stock to choose from, including a large selection from Gibson. We are one of a very small handful of authorised Gibson dealers in the UK and we aim to put as many of their basses on our walls as possible. Visit us to try them out or browse the full collection online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Bass Guitars

Question: Where are Gibson basses made?
Gibson make their solid-body basses in Nashville and their semi-hollow basses in Memphis. All Gibson instruments are made in the USA.
Question: What is the most popular Gibson bass?
The most consistently popular is the Thunderbird. It is perhaps Gibson's most iconic bass guitar design.
Question: What scale length are most Gibson basses?
Unusually, Gibson offer two distinct scale lengths, depending on the model. Basses including the RD and the Thunderbird keep a 'regular' scale length of 34" whilst other models such as the SG and the Les Paul bass have a shorter scale of 30.5".