Gibson Thunderbird

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About Gibson Thunderbird

The Gibson Thunderbird was first introduced in 1963 as an alternative to Fender who had cornered the electric bass market with designs such as the Jazz Bass and P basses. The radical design was from Automotive designer Raymond H. Dietrich. The Gibson Thunderbird featured a neck through construction, mahogany body wings, a 3 point adjustable bridge, 20 frets, and came in a 1 or 2 pickup configuration. The Non reverse Thunderbird is another popular version which disappeared from the Gibson lineup until 2012 when it was reintroduced. today the Thunderbird comes with a wealth of modern upgrades but still retaining the classic and iconic sound and look of the original Thunderbirds. Colours such as Tobacco Burst, Inverness Green and Pelham Blue are all classic colours that can still be found adorning the radical shape of the Thunderbird alongside modern appointments such as Graph Tech nuts, Hipshot hardware and more.


Why Should I Choose Gibson Thunderbird?

  • Classic Design
  • Huge sound
  • Gibson USA quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Thunderbird

Question: What is a Gibson Thunderbird?
The Gibson Thunderbird is a bass guitar that was first introduced in 1963.
Question: Is Gibson Thunderbird discontinued?
No, the Gibson Thunderbird is not Discontinued and the range is ever growing.
Question: Where were Gibson Thunderbird guitars made?
Gibson Thunderbird guitars have always been made in Gibson USA factories and still today are made in the USA.
Question: How many frets does a Gibson Thunderbird have?
The Gibson Thunderbird has 20 frets.
Question: Who plays a Gibson Thunderbird?
Gibson artists such as Rex Brown and Gene Simmons are avid Thunderbird players and have signature models.